F.V., 29 y, female, Belgium, works in an organic shop

Sessions with Steffie gave me total relaxation. After being cared for by her hands for an hour, I always felt reborn. Headaches that had dragged on for days were gone after 1 hour of session. Highly recommended for anyone who has had muscle or joint pain for a long time and does not know how to get rid of it.

Frédéric Haven, businessman, Belgium

Steffie is a certified fascia therapist, who continues to specialize in behavioral therapies combined with body recovery, to help patients with burn-outs, sleeping problems and depression in a relatively short term.

Celia O.C., 54 y, female, Mexio, works in real estate

Session with Steffie was amazing. Before I feel disconected from my sexual energy . During the therapy I go throught so much emotions and feelings . Since this day I have more energy all day and a kind of joy inside me

Samantha Irons: 34y, Australia, Full time carer

I reached out to Steffie late notice at a really difficult time, and she made herself available to me quickly effortlessly, and by the time the session had ended I felt a shift in the anxiety I was experiencing for over a week. I was also able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a while.
Steffie has a very grounding, understanding and patient enegry and I did not feel rushed throughout the process. I find myself to be very a resistant person when it comes to healing, but I felt Steffie has many tools and angles to come at this resistance until we found something that worked.
I also feel she offers reasonable prices, which doesn’t underestimate her abilities. Thank you Steffie for presence and for holding the much needed space at this time in my life. I look forward to my next session.

Kana McKain

Amazing healing!!! I had a problem with my back where I would slouch because of the amount of tension my neck and shoulders had. I was told by my chiropractor that I had to do tons of shoulder exercises to fix it, but I have been struggling with it for months. Then, Steffie took most of the tension away. Now, I can easily sit straight without much effort. I also felt so scattered and chaotic, in general, and that has calmed down. Parts of my body hurt (i.e. legs, pelvis, etc.), but that has subsided. I had a problem inhaling for a long time, and that has gone away. I was able to heal a wounded inner child. I also had intense pressure on my head, and that is gone. I feel so much lighter in general. All of this happened from a single online session. Truly, miraculous. Thank you so much. I could not have asked for a better session.

Duygu Sahin

I first came across Steffie in TT. Seeing her message, I felt pulled to look for more and started watching her YouTube videos. The energy was densely warm, most effective around my heart. We started talking for a session, and from the first time, I was opening up all at once. She listened to me and told me we would go with what would come up in the session. I was intrigued and excited. I thought it was going to be such an adventurous journey. The session started comfortably, everything flowed, and I trusted her lead and guidance. Indeed, many unexpected things came up, and many links emerged to the surface. She was so safely creating the space and fully feeling into me, my heart, and my body. So on point with what is happening. So attuned and in tune, the guiding spaciously allowed with no rush, judgment, or pressure: complete understanding, trust, and togetherness.

The feelings so tightly tucked up and covered with numbness came out as fresh as I first experienced them. Since I have her with me, the journey unfolded memory after memory, revelation after revelation. Now I am more clear about why there is this negative signature feeling in my life, why there are certain connections, and how to move forward best. Her method allows the physical elements linked with all the negative emotions to release what is locked, even through an online session. In just one session, I could easily breathe, releasing the pain in my heart. Hearing about her one-on-one physical session, I look forward to experiencing it together. If you feel your body has a lot of stories to tell you, screams or whispers pain to you, or unknowingly you are experiencing some symptoms, Steffie is the person to create the safety you will need and to guide you for ease of flow. Feel her, feel her energy. Your heart will give you the answer!

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