Assisting you in your Evolution to your Authentic Self
by Restoring Balance to the Body, Mind and Emotions

What is Spirit Guide Inc. ?

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what my “title” should be. What I offer is so wide, it covers so much ground, nothing I came up with seemed to cover it. Until the word Guide popped in.

The person you follow to get where you want to go and who provides you with the information you need to learn along the way.

But it is a term that also is used in other contexts, for example a tour guide.

So I wanted to specify it.

The Guide I am is a therapist, coach, healer, knowledge and wisdom sharer, and support figure all-in-one.

So I went over all the words that seem to matter to what I do like authenticity, life, transformation, evolution, new humanity, awakening, … , and I didn’t like any of them.

Until I made the inside joke of calling myself an incarnated spirit guide.

Which made me laugh and cry at the same time, because it was true.

My spirit chose my soul, which was born as part of the Seraphim, and together they became Steffie Willems in this incarnation, hence the Inc., which is a pun on incorporated and incarnated.

But it is actually the most important part, in the body and in the flesh, in this 3rd dimensional reality on this planet Earth as a Human.

So choosing a spiritual sounding title scared the living crap out of me because of all the abuse and missuse there is in the spiritual community of spiritual concepts to bypass reality.

No longer realising it was us as spirits who created this reality to live, learn, and evolve in, we have learned to condemn it and try to escape it, especially when we feel lost and we are suffering.

I would much rather be known as scientific, grounded, and reality based because these principles are much more important in my work. But the reality is that to me it was clear as day as a child that I came from somewhere else. I remember staring at my hand and trying to figure out how I got into this body. I remember trying to remember where or who I was before coming here but I came up empty. I would refer to myself as a concious amnesiak, I was aware that I had forgotten everything.

This was all very confusing. I just couldn’t understand humans. Nothing they did made sense, but I had no contexte for anything else.

So it took me down the rabbit hole that most people end up in of feeling lost and suffering.

It took a lot of therapy, education, and the help of others, some who could remember and some who received or developped wisdom, to find enough puzzle pieces and put them back together to find myself again, understand what I had forgotten and realise that this was exactly the purpose I came into this life with.

So I could help others to do the same, not as some esotheric voice but as a human being who has lived and learned it and continues to do so. Who can help you find the best path out of suffering and towards your authentic self and who will stand by your side so you don’t have to go it alone.

A bit more personal info.

I was born on may 7th 1985 in Flanders, Belgium but recently moved to Sweden for the Nature
I love dancing, cooking, being in nature, spending time with my animals and watching good movies and series.
My studies have taken me all over the place. After high school I wanted to become a veterinarian, but life had other plans for me.

Although I never really have been able to let go of helping animals especially horses (EQUILIGO),

My main focus shifted to helping people become whole, balanced and concious beings.

My goal is to help you reach the healthy, whole, authentic version of yourself.

Bachelor in veterinarian medicin 2010

Fascia therapy MDB and perceptive coaching 2011

Trainer and coach at Terra Natura, School of Essence 2014

Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl 2015

Initiatic Paths with Matias De Stefano 2016-2018

Training with Sasha Cobra for Energetic Release 2017

Holistic osteopathy for horses 2019

Internship at Staf Vrancken for chronic energy problems 2021

Self study in the work of Katie Byron, Teal Swan, Tony Robbins, Matias De Stefano, … ongoing

School of life… ongoing