healing guidance

Healing Guidance Sessions

(available online)

For these sessions I combine all of my tools to give you the best healing, assistance and guidance to help you release resistance, heal trauma, gain insight and facilitate change.

While we go exploring I support you with Fascia Therapy MDB and Reconnective Healing (see other sessions) to help relieve resistance and build trust in your body

This allows us to go deeper and further, and explore places you otherwise wouldn’t gain access to. Other tools you can expect are:

  • Loving presence and attention
  • Internal movement
  • Parts work
  • Shadow work
  • Innerchild work
  • Coaching
  • Belief System Analysis
  • Thought Pattern Correction
  • Trauma Processing and Defragmentation

The Rebalancing Journey

A 16 week online trajectory

“The Rebalancing Journey:
A Transformational 16-Week Program”

Invest in your journey towards living a truly authentic life with our comprehensive 16-week program. The Rebalancing Journey is an all-inclusive expedition designed to guide you towards embracing your true self and provide you with the necessary tools and support to reach your desired destination. Throughout this individualized program, you will experience weekly sessions, transformative tools, and unwavering support to facilitate your personal evolution.

Key Program Features:

  1. Guidance Sessions: We’ll address emotional and mental blockages, helping you overcome obstacles that hinder your progress.
  2. Voice Release Sessions: Teaching you how to release inner blocks through the use of your voice and personal sound, giving you a sense of lightness and freedom.
  3. Fascia Movement and Interiorization: Experience physical transformation as we work on releasing physical boundaries, blockages, and enhance your perception.
  4. Reconnective Coaching: Receive the necessary insight and support for your journey, to connect back to yourself while shedding anything that no longer belongs with you.
  5. The Work by Katie Byron: Assisted homework designed to challenge and break belief systems and thought patterns that hold you back from embracing authenticity.
  6. Belief and Thought Reprogramming: Our guided exercises will help you reshape your beliefs and thoughts to align with your authentic self.
  7. 7 Levels Deep: Dive deep into the core reasons and motivations behind your journey towards authenticity.
  8. Healthy Habit Building: Learn the art of priming to develop sustainable and nourishing habits that support your authentic lifestyle.
  9. Improving your Relationship with Money: Discover strategies and exercises to cultivate a healthy relationship with money, empowering you to embrace an authentic lifestyle.
  10. Self-Love: Guided homework assignments to foster a deep sense of self-love and acceptance.
  11. Boundaries: Gain the tools and insights to establish and maintain healthy boundaries that honor your true self.
  12. Choosing You: Empower yourself to prioritize your needs, desires, and dreams, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-advocacy.

Embark on this life-changing experience and embark on your personal rebalancing journey. Let me be your trusted guide, assisting you every step of the way.

Invest in yourself. Embrace your authenticity. Rebalance your life.

Other Sessions

(available online and in person)

Energetic Healing Sessions

(available online and in-person)

Fascia Therapy MDB

The liquid fascia network in our bodies is the crossroad between the physical and energetical aspects of our being. I trained myself to tap into that energetic aspect and use my abilities to connect from a distance, making online sessions possible. I connect with my body to yours, feeling and analyzing the internal movement, using the techniques I learned as a fascia therapist MDB. This internal movement of the fascia is the guiding force that allows me to detect and resolve physical blockages that cause pain and well-being issues. It touches you in a way that makes your body feel safe and helps you reconnect to yourself, to the core of who you are.

Energetic Liberation

One of the best kept secrets in the world is the healing power of our life-force energy. Through the use of sound and vibration in combination with energy transmission we will create a vortex of energy to clear out all of the energetic, emotional clutter, waste and debris that life has left behind in your systems. Once your system has been sufficiently cleared out the life-force will be able to flow freely again.

Re-connective Healing

With this modern energetic healing technique I provide the channel to bring you in contact with the strongest possible healing energy, light and information that is currently available here on Earth. It is actually not a therapy because it does not work on symptoms or complaints. But through the exposure to these forces you receive what you need, what is appropriate for you, such as the activation of your self-healing ability or your original blueprint, or you are put on a new life path. Sometimes the healing is immediate and spectacular and sometimes a subtle process is set in motion, but one thing is for sure, your life changes.

Physical Sessions

(only available in person)

Fascia Therapy MDB

As a fascia therapist in the Method of Danis Bois, I work with the internal movement of the connective tissue. Both in manual and movement therapy, it is the guiding force that allows me to detect and resolve physical blockages that cause pain and well-being issues. But the biggest strength is that you are approached as a person, not as a bodypart with a problem. It touches you in a way that makes your body feel safe and helps you reconnect to yourself, to the core of who you are.

Fascia Relax Massage

Get the best of both worlds … Enjoy some of the benefits of fascia therapy combined with the wellness feeling of an oil massage.
For the connoisseurs among us

MITB (Energy Liberation Massage)

Embark on a transformative journey designed to empower men and unlock deeper intimacy within yourself and with your partner. This unique massage ritual goes beyond the physical, delving into the realms of deep energetic liberation, allowing you to release tension, awaken your authentic masculinity, and tap into the boundless inner potential within. Experience a harmonious blend of therapeutic touch, energy movement, and profound re-connection with yourself.

If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.

Eric Pearl