The Rebalancing Journey

Every therapy I offer will bring you closer to your healthy balance. But there is a hierarchy to the systems and organs in the body and an interdependance at all levels of your body and equally important between your body, mind and emotions.

To reach good and timely results it’s important to take all of this in account and do the right thing at the right time to keep this healing process going and transform the negative spiral into a positive one without loosing time and money by hitting roadblocks and stagnating.

For the physical and energetical part of the journey, we start with a Health Balance Consultation and from these results we start restoring and rebuilding. We recharge the organs and glands, remove blockages and deacidify the body, remove unwanted guests and waist, provide new building blocks and support to replenish the systems and boost the self-healing capacity of the body.

Although this method is very effective, it is not an easy miracle solution. That’s why it is called a journey. It requires commitement of seeing it through. We are talking in most cases in terms of months. But compared to the alternative, for example with burnout, it takes most people years to come close to functioning normally again. And for some other problems the accepted premise is that there is eighter no solution or life long medication or very toxic treatements.

After the first month most of your systems will be back online but it takes a few more months before your body will be caught up with all the overdue work that needs to be done before you will actually feel better. (cleaning up a mess that has been building for years)
During that time, we follow up that everything in the body stays on track and we will focus on the mental and emotional parts that have caused or contributed to the problem. So you actually find the reason behind your illness, avoid relapsing in the future or getting another manifestation of the underlying cause.
And of course so you can grow from it as a person and get to live your best life.

If you are interested but still have some questions, don’t hesitate to book
a free clarity call.

With Love