Holistic Equi Therapy

The word Equiligo is invented but based on Latin and created to mean the bond with horses.

Horses have been my guides and beacons of light during times when I was struggling.

It has been a dream to help them as much as they have helped me.

I started out studying veterinarian medicin but discovered that was not my cup of tea. That was not the type of work I wanted to do with horses.

After traditional techniques failed to heal my favorite horse, I saw how 1 fascia therapy MDB treatment did and I changed course.

I went to study fascia therapy MDB, followed by becoming a trainer and teacher in natural and authentic horse communication (Terra Natura school of essence), reconnective healing and holistic horse osteopathy.

My job exists out of 2 parts.

– Therapist for the horse: Healing of the horse

– Helping horse owners and people in general understand (their) horse(s) better to create more awareness and understanding so that the general circumstances of horses improve.

Physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation for your horse.

My approache is one of listening to the horse, of kindness and softness and always starts with the horse comes first and he or she gets to dictate the pace at which we can work.

Some examples of problems that I take on or provide help with:

  • physical blockages
  • allround wellbeing
  • stress relief
  • trauma resolve
  • trailer loading problems
  • helping owners to communicate better with their horse
  • learning to ride in complete connection with your horse
  • horse friendly saddle training,…

It is possible to come to my location (Dalarna between Avesta and Hedemora) or I can come to you.

600 SEK/hour
35 SEK/mil

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.