My name is Steffie Willems. I was born on may 7th 1985 in Flanders, Belgium but recently moved to Sweden for the Nature
I love dancing, cooking, being in nature, spending time with my animals and watching good movies and series.
My studies have taken me all over the place. After high school I wanted to become a veterinarian, but life had other plans for me.

Although I never really have been able to let go of helping animals especially horses (EQUILIGO),

my main focus shifted to helping people become whole, balanced and concious beings.

My goal as a therapist is to help you reach the healthy, whole, authentic version of yourself.

Bachelor in veterinarian medicin 2010

Perceptive Fasciatherapist 2011

Trainer and coach at Terra Natura, School of Essence 2014

Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl 2015

Initiatic Paths with Matias De Stefano 2016-2018

Training with Sasha Cobra for Energetic Orgasmic Release 2017

Holistic osteopathy for horses 2019

Internship at Staf Vrancken for Bioptron Light Therapy 2021

Self study in the work of Katie Byron, Teal Swan, Tony Robbins, Matias De Stefano, … ongoing

School of life… ongoing