Fascia therapy MDB

Originating from osteopathy, this gentle but very effective, holistic, body-oriented therapy is able to dissolve blockages, release stress and initiate the body’s self-healing process. Also, in combination with her unique pedagogical approach, a revolution is started in the body-mind connection.

Fascia or connective tissue is one of the most unknown and mysterious structures in our body. Yet, this living spider web that connects all our cells, has a major impact on our well-being and functioning. It is the crossroad between the energetical and the physical aspect of our bodies.

Fascia Relax Massage

Get the best of both worlds … Enjoy some of the benefits of fascia therapy combined with the wellness feeling of an oil massage.
For the connoisseurs among us

Lymph and Organ Drainage

Common well-being and energy losses in the body can be found in a malfunctioning lymphatic system with blocked lymph nodes, through which waste products continue to circulate, and in poorly closing organs. Each organ has a specific chemical system. If these different environments are not kept separate from each other, you will end up in a negative spiral. It goes without saying that it is important to give the body a helping hand to correct this.

Bioptron Light Therapy

Each wavelength found in BIOPTRON® Hyperlight is absorbed by different biomolecules, cells and living tissues, improving cell metabolism and triggering specific biological and cellular reactions. The induced biological response is called photo-biostimulation.

The BIOPTRON® Hyperlight Therapy System is clinically tested, proven and certified for the medical treatment of wounds, pain, dermatological disorders and skin problems, childhood diseases, seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Reconnective Healing

With this modern energetic healing technique I provide the channel to bring you in contact with the strongest possible healing energy, light and information that is currently available here on Earth. It is actually not a therapy because it does not work on symptoms or complaints. But through the exposure to these forces you receive what you need, what is appropriate for you, such as the activation of your self-healing ability or your original blueprint, or you are put on a new life path. Sometimes the healing is immediate and spectacular and sometimes a subtle process is set in motion, but one thing is for sure, your life changes.

Energetic Release

One of the best kept secrets in the world is the healing power of our life-force energy. Through the use of sound and vibration in combination with energy transmission we will create a vortex of energy to clear out all of the energetic, emotional clutter, waste and debris that life has left behind in your systems. Once your system has been sufficiently cleared out the life-force will be able to flow freely again.

Perceptive Coaching

The only way to empower ourselves is to deal with what actually is. But what we perceive is not always the reality of what actually is. Our perception gets coloured by our past experiences, our beliefs, our fears, … Luckely the body never lies!

During these sessions we use our body as a gateway to deepen our perception, find our blind spots, learn our boundaries, get insight in what we are pushing away or are pushing through and learn how to get back into allignment with our original blue print, our authentic self

Belief System Analysis and Thinking Pattern Correction

As children we were programmed with the beliefs of our immediate environment. Very few are aware of this. Yet many of these beliefs are the reason we hold ourselves back in life and often make ourselves sick because we try to live up to a standard that doesn’t suit us. This is also a form of being out of balance. It is therefore important to adopt standards and beliefs that suit us and correspond to who we really are. To do this, we must learn to adjust our thinking, especially our old thinking patterns, by consistently evaluating ourselves and adjusting in the direction of our new choices. We give you the tools and guidance you need.

Trauma Processing and Defragmentation

Although unfortunately many people still experience very horrific things that traumatize them, trauma is not something limited to extreme incidents. The reality is that we have all experienced things that have traumatized us. Trauma is an emotional wound that shatters you psychologically and partly prevents you from growing and developing as a person. It forms an emotionally hidden abscess that continues to grow and, if left unchecked, can progress to physical illness. In order to resolve trauma, it is important that the emotional “abscess” is opened and drained and then given a chance to heal completely and then be able to put the shattered pieces or fragments back together and become whole again.

If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.

Eric Pearl