Practical information

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Practical information

– Healing program of 3 months with focus on physical healing 1111 € (24-27h: you save 350-500 €). In this process, almost all sessions must take place at our location in Ronse. The first weeks the sessions will be long and weekly and the longer we are busy the sessions will be shorter with several weeks in between.

– Healing program of 1 year with focus on physical, emotional and mental healing 3333 € (69-75h: you save 850 to 1200 €). First, the 3-month process is started and when this is completed, we look at how we continue to work according to the individual. Short weekly sessions or monthly long sessions or a combination. Many of the sessions can therefore take place via online consultation if this is your preference.

– It is possible to follow separate sessions, but this is rather intended as a follow-up after a process or possibly as an introduction. The price of individual therapy sessions is 60 € per hour. Sessions are paid at the beginning as this creates a better receptivity in the customer.

– Payment can only be made on the spot in cash, but you can transfer in advance.

– The healing programs are personal and cannot be shared with others.

– Trajectory prices are for all therapies listed on the website with the exception of supplements and products. These are NOT included (500-1000 euros) but essential for the process. Please keep this in mind.

– We offer a wide range of therapies. This means that the majority of your therapy can be treated by us, but we do not pretend to be able to do everything. As a result, we may still refer you to external therapists for certain matters. These are not included in our route prices.

– Results usually don’t come magically. Although I highly value my own therapeutic capacities and many things with the therapies are started and put back in place, this is usually not enough. The other half of the process is in your hands. The results are very dependent on following the advice, doing your “homework”, sticking to your diet, … We are here to guide you, to support you, to be helping hands, but we cannot do this for you. do you.

‘We cannot heal unless we are willing to admit to were we are and who we are’

– Teal Swan –

Any questions, feel free to contact me