Health Balance Consultation

To determin the balance state of your body I use pendulum dowsing to measure the functionality, energy and cellular level of the organs and glands and to look for some uninvited guests that might be draining your energy. From these results we then can move forward step by step to restore the disbalances. For an online consult I prefer to receive your information in advance so I can prepare your chart and give you the results during the consultation. This requires you to send me a photo, a piece of hair and your info (full name and date of birth) by mail. Please keep this in mind when booking a consultation, so you book it far enough in the future for your enveloppe to reach me and give me the time to prepare.

Fasciatherapy MDB and Perceptive Pedagogy

Originating from osteopathy, this gentle, holistic, body-oriented therapy is able to dissolve blockages, release stress and initiate the body’s self-healing process. Also, in combination with her unique pedagogical approach, a revolution is started in the body-mind connection. Fascia or connective tissue is one of the most unknown and mysterious structures in our body. Yet, this living spider web that connects all our cells, has a major impact on our well-being and functioning. It is the crossroad between the energetical and the physical aspect of our bodies. This allows me to also work with the fascia even from a distance during online sessions because I have learned to tap into the energetical aspect to affect the physical and also the very effective fascia movement therapy can be guided by me during online sessions

Atlas correction

The atlas is our first vertebra located just below our skull. The importance of this vertebra is immense. It is decisive for all the other vertebrae under it as well as for good blood supply and drainage of the head and has a major influence on the nervous system, including our brain stem and vagus nerve. During these treatments I use fascia and craniosacral techniques and we mainly work on loosening and correctly positioning the atlas vertebra. These techniques can be used through the energetical spectrum and thus be done at a distance during online sessions

Nutritional advice and supplements

In our healing process we need to support our body. It is important to unburden our detoxification organs as much as possible by adjusting what we eat so these organs can use all their energy to eliminate unwanted guests and substances. And we need to support this process with natural supplements to help with this detoxification as well as provide the building blocks for rebuilding our cells and replenishing our deficiencies to restore the balance. You will be provided with a list of ‘do and don’t eat’ foods and a list of supplements your body needs during this journey in accordance with the results of your health balance consultations and this can change over the course of your journey

Lymph and Organ Drainage

Common well-being and energy losses in the body can be found in a malfunctioning lymphatic system with blocked lymph nodes, through which waste products continue to circulate, and in poorly closing organs. Each organ has a specific chemical system. If these different environments are not kept separate from each other, you will end up in a negative spiral. It goes without saying that it is important to give the body a helping hand to correct this. This is the biggest aspect that I cannot perform myself during an online journey but there are some simple techniques that anyone can learn that will get you a long way. In an online session I will teach you what to do, some things you can do yourself with an electric massager, others require a friend or family member to perform them on you. If you are not comfortable with any of these options you can seek our a therapist in your area who can do this for you and I will follow up with your progress.

Bioptron Light therapy

Bioptron lamps are now a fixed value in (burn) wound healing. You can find them in most hospitals. The excellent characteristics of BIOPTRON Light allow the light to penetrate not only the skin, but also the deeper tissues. The positive effect of BIOPTRON Light is therefore not limited to the treated area of ​the skin. Our health and well-being is determined by the balance of our organs. And an organ that starts to falter pulls others with it and our negative spiral is gone. Over time, this can manifest itself in the most diverse complaints to which the medical world rarely has answers. With the polarized color light of the Bioptron lamps, the cells of the organs are recharged, balanced and polarized so that the organs can function optimally again and the balance is restored. For the online sessions I combine the colors and lights with reconnective healing to send the light frequencies to your organs

Reconnective Healing

With this modern energetic healing technique I provide the channel to bring you in contact with the strongest possible healing energy, light and information that is currently available here on Earth. It is actually not a therapy because it does not work on symptoms or complaints. But through the exposure to these forces you receive what you need, what is appropriate for you, such as the activation of your self-healing ability or your original blueprint, or you are put on a new life path. Sometimes the healing is immediate and spectacular and sometimes a subtle process is set in motion, but one thing is for sure, your life changes… in your favor. These sessions always happen without touch and it is even desired for there to be a lot of distance between the channel and the receiver, which makes it perfect for online sessions.

Energetic Orgasmic Release

One of the best kept secrets in the world is the healing power of our life-force energy also known as our sexual energy. In these sessions we use sound and vibration in combination with energy transmission to create a vortex of energy to clear out all of the energetic, emotional clutter, waste and debris that life has left behind in our systems. Once your system has been sufficiently cleared out the life-force or sexual energy will be able to flow freely again resulting in a full body orgasm. No sexual acts of any kind are involved, not by me and not by you. This is an energetical process but it will change your sex life for ever. Sessions can be done online as an individual or as a couple.
Disclaimer: this can be a loud process so you might want to do it in a space where you have a lot of privacy or if you don’t mind that others hear you, give some notice to your immediate surroundings so they don’t disturb you because they are worried about what’s happening.

Reconnective coaching

Get to know and indicate your own limits and discover who you really are. An important part of being in balance is being able to be authentic. But that is a very difficult task in today’s society and parenting models. We are formed in what is desired, not in what is real and authentic. As a result, we learn from an early age to exceed our own limits to fit into the desired picture and but often we pay the bill for this later in life. We are being lived by our programming and this wears us out. Together we discover how you can take back the reins of your own life. During in person session it becomes possible to give you a tangible experience of your limits and how to indicate them, as it the is possible to work with the horses. Horses are not called mirrors for anything. They show us in great detail what is happening in our internal world. In this way we create an external experience that generates a powerful impulse to take steps towards change in the direction of your authentic self.

Belief System Analysis and Thinking Pattern Correction

As children we were programmed with the beliefs of our immediate environment. Very few are aware of this. Yet many of these beliefs are the reason we hold ourselves back in life and often make ourselves sick because we try to live up to a standard that doesn’t suit us. This is also a form of being out of balance. It is therefore important to adopt standards and beliefs that suit us and correspond to who we really are. To do this, we must learn to adjust our thinking, especially our old thinking patterns, by consistently evaluating ourselves and adjusting in the direction of our new choices. We give you the tools and guidance you need.

Trauma processing and defragmentation

Although unfortunately many people still experience very horrific things that traumatize them, trauma is not something limited to extreme incidents. The reality is that we have all experienced things that have traumatized us. Trauma is an emotional wound that shatters you psychologically and partly prevents you from growing and developing as a person. It forms an emotionally hidden abscess that continues to grow and, if left unchecked, can progress to physical illness. In order to resolve trauma, it is important that the emotional “abscess” is opened and drained and then given a chance to heal completely and then be able to put the shattered pieces or fragments back together and become whole again.

If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.

Eric Pearl