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I have started this new project to make healing more accessible.
The circles are open to everyone who joins my Facebook community.
This way, you can try different healing modalities and have regular access to healing support, even if you are on a lower budget.
For now, the main focus is on the Fascia Flow Energetics but I hope to expand to also offering Reconnective Healing, Energetic Orgasmic Release and Healing Guidance Sessions in time.
The sessions are donation based, and I hope I can keep it this way.
Nothing in this universe is entirely free. There always has to be an energy exchange.
But what is a fair and honest exchange for what you received is something only you can know.
So, for now, I will be holding to that principle to re-evaluate in the future whether or not the exchange is happening in balance.

Buy me a coffee

People who know me might think this is a strange request. See, I have never had a single cup of coffee in my life :-).
But Ko-Fi is a fun donation platform that does not take any cuts and you can donate by buying someone a virtual coffee to say thank you for the exchange

When we can keep the exchange fair,
we can keep it accesible for everyone